Wholesale Hip Scarves with Pailettes- 5pcs

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  • Item #: Wholesale Pailettes- 5
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Wholesale Zumba Pallet Skirt is georgeous and unique from the solid scarfs. It is made with chiffon material and have pallets and coins mixed in a scarf. Worn during Zumba fitness, bellydancing, dance events, parties, or with costumes.

Comes in Black with silver, Black multicolor with silver, Red with silver, Red with multicolor, Lime green with silver, Lime with multicolor, Fuschia with multicolor paillettes, Turquiose with silver, Turquiose with multicolor, Dark purple with silver, Dark purple with multicolor pailtte, Royal blue with silver, Royal blue with multicolor.   You can choose mix of 5 or any combination from above and state in the specify box below. 

Have fun dancing!

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