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Wholesale Belly Dancing Hip Scarves available in retail or wholesale zumba coin scarf
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Wholesale Belly Dance Hip Scarf are great for Belly Dancing, Zumba and Retail chain stores. Each belly dance hip Scarf comes with 160 coins more than the standard belly dance scarves, that create great coins sound and are very lightweight to wear.

Perfect for Zumba events, Parties, Belly Dancing or wearing with casual jeans or any type of dancing.

Size: Standard Size is 60 Inches (5 feet wide) and you can tie the rest around your hips. You can also go to our Wholesale section and look for Kids Sizes and Plus Size as well.

Please indicate the Colors and coins of your choice in the "Special Colors" box below.

Choose colors: Black with silver or gold, Red with silver or gold coins, Fuschia (hot pink) with silver or gold, Burgundy with silver, Purple with silver or gold, Dark purple with silver or gold, White with silver, Sky blue with silver, Royal blue with silver,  lime green with silver or gold, Yellow with silver or gold, Orange with silver or gold, Light pink with silver, or gold, Hunter green with silver, Midnight blue with gold, and Teal green with silver or gold. 

Choose your Coins. Silver or Gold unless specified above.  

Spinner Scarves: black in silver, or gold, hot pink in silver or gold coins, Dark purple in silver or gold coins, turquoise in silver or gold, and Yellow with gold coins. 

Stretch belts: purple, hot pink, red, royal blue, and teal green. 

You may also include the crochet skirt with coins: white with silver coins.

We have the best quality dancing scarves with a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and Lowest Price Guaranteed. We will meet or beat any price. So Shop with Confidence.


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