Plus Size Hip Scarves

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Plus Size Hip Scarves

Dancing is for everyone, whether you are 3 year old kid or 80 year young retiree.  You don’t have to be skinny or overweight to enjoy dancing.  Dancing is Free, it doesn’t cost any money and doesn’t have any barriers.   So why should these belly scarves be only one size fits all?  Plus Size Hip Scarves should set us free.

You can get Plus Size Hip Scarves at for only $12.95 at

  • Plus Size Hip Scarf is a larger hip scarf with 84′ Inches (7 Feet) in width and the rest you can tie on the side of your Hips.  Standard sizes are only 5 Feet.
  • Along with extra chiffon material, you get 220 coins to cover the extra material so it’s louder when you Shake your Hips.
  • Great for belly dancing, zumba clothing, dance events, parties, and great accessories on pants or skirts
  • Available in many Colors!

Wrap around your hips and enjoy the bright colors with jingly sounds as you move!

Get one today at

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