Belly Dance Wholesale Scarves - 10 Quantity

Wholesale Belly Dancing Hip Scarves available in retail or wholesale for belly dance or Zumba
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  • Item #: Belly dance wholesale 10 scarves
  • Condition: New


Get 10 Belly Dance Wholesale Scarves for only $5.99 Each! 


1) Pick Your Colors: 

      1. Light Pink with silver or gold
      2. Black with silver 
      3. Hot Pink with silver or gold
      4. Sky Blue with silver or gold
      5. Red with silver  
      6. Teal green with silver or gold
      7. Turquoise with silver or gold
      8. Lime Green with silver or gold
      9. Purple with silver  
      10. Orange with silver or gold
      11. Yellow with silver or gold
      12. Midnight blue with silver or gold 
      13. Coffee with silver
      14. White with silver or gold
      15. Royal blue with gold
      16. Zebra with silver 
      17. Yellow zebra with silver
      18. Brown snake with silver
      19. Skull Print with silver
      20. Sunset Rainbow with gold
      21. Crochet Skirt white with silver coins

2) Type in Your Choice of Colors in the "Specify Colors" box below 

3) Add to Cart and Enjoy! 

  • Size: One Size Fits Most, the rest you tie around your hips (about 5 Feet around)
  • Try them for your Party, and Shake Your Belly Scarves Today! 


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