Animal Print Scarves Sale - 10 Scarves

Wholesale Belly Dancing Hip Scarves available in retail or wholesale for belly dance or Zumba
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Animal Print Scarves are great for Belly Dancing, Zumba and Retail chain stores. Each belly dance hip Scarf comes with 158 coins that jingle and are very lightweight to wear.

Price is only $5.99 each, when you order 10.  Plus get standard FREE SHIPPING

Please Choose from the following Colors:

  Blue Leopard, White Snow Leopard, Brown Leopard, Red Leopard  (All in Silver Coins)

 Blue Panther and White Panther                                                          (All in Silver Coins)

 Black Zebra, Yellow Zebra, Blue zebra, Turquoise Zebra, Royal zebra  (All in Silver Coins)

 Red Snake and Brown Snake. 

Type Your own Mix from these colors and Quantity in "Specify Colors" below. 

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