3 Mix Hip Scarves Only $9.95 each

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Mix any 3 Hip Scarves from Solid Colors, Animal Prints, Kids Scarves and Rainbow Scarves

Colors:  Choose from 30 Solid colors located here: Dance Scarves

             Choose from  10 Animal Prints: 

                      Blue Leopard, Brown Leopard, Red Leopard, White snow leopard. 

                      Royal blue Zebra, Yellow Zebra, White Zebra, Turquoise zebra

                      Blue panther and white panther

                 Choose any Rainbow Prints:

                             Blue Rainbow and Sunset Rainbow

Each Belly Scarf jinglies and makes beautiful music when you dance with 160 Coins embroidered in 3 layers of lightweight Chiffon Fabric.

Size: Standard Hip Scarf is 5 Feet long so you can tie the rest around your waist. 

Exercise, be Healthy, Feel Sexy, and have Fun Dancing.

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Best Values

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