Square Dancing with Belly Dancing Scarves in their Retirement Co

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People from all across the globe are loving our Belly Scarves.  They have unlimited uses for them.  We had a customer who says she put them on her horses for a local town parade, another gal said, she wears them in the kitchen because it “helps her gets through her dishes faster and more fun.”  And now, Roberta in her Retirement Community started wearing them in her Square Dancing Class and everyone wanted one.  So she brought them to her class and everyone wore one and loved it.   

Our Customer, Roberta in the retirement community called at 9 am on July 18, 2013 and said, “We at the retirement community love your jingly belly scarves because they take us another place, and makes us feel good about ourselves.”

Our Team at Belly Scarf loves to hear these stories because it makes our day, and continues to give us a reason to work harder and promote them so it brings more smiles to every woman out there.

At BellyScarf, this is Our Vision

 “To Promote a Belly Scarf on Every Woman’s Hip and Help Bring a Smile in her Beautiful Day”


Square Dancing Clothes

Square Dancing Scarves

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