Black Light Zumba

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Black Light Zumba

Let’s take boring workouts to the next level by adding black light zumba

Bright Neon Colors glow when you add flavor to your zumba class or fundraiser.

You will get the brightest Pinks, Oranges, Whites and Animal Prints for any Party or You can choose Your Colors by typing in the “Specify Colors” below.

Size: They are 5 Feet Long or (60 Inches) the rest you tie on the Side of your Hips

Coins: They come with 160 Silver Coins that Jingle when you Shake your Dance Workout

Turn Off the Lights, turn the Black Light On, Shake them and See them GLOW!!!!!!


Kids are using black light zumba as well for zumbatomic

They are also available in plus sizes in neon colors.

Where to Buy Black Light Zumba Scarves?

You can go to and get a special 15 Blacklight zumba scarves for only 89.95 which is only $5.99 each!

Call 800-743-1860 or visit BlackLightZumba

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