Black Hip Scarf

Black Zumba hip scarf
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Black Belly Dance Hip Scarf matches with everything that you wear - jeans, skirts or workout clothes.   It is a perfect accessory for Zumba Fitness, Belly Dancing and events.

You won't even know you're losing weight while dancing and having with the music.  Each Jinglie Hip Scarf has 160 coins that shimmer and create beatiful sounds when you dance from the beat of your hips.

They are One Size fits most as they are 5 Feet in width (60 inches) so the rest just ties around your hips.  If that doesn't work, we have smaller kids sizes or Plus Sizes as well. 

Try it without any obligation, we have a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Let's Dance, Have Fun, and Shake your Jinglies Belly Scarf. 

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