3 Jinglies Hip Scarves Only $9.95 each

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Give the gift of dance, workout and fun with Jinglies hip scarves for only $10 each, when you buy 3. Great for Zumba fitness, Belly Dancing or Just wear for fun. 

Jinglies Dance Scarves are unique accessories for Belly Dancing, Zumba or Casually wearing with Jeans, Skirts, or just about anything.

They make beautiful music when you dance with 160 Coins embroidered in 3 layers of lightweight Chiffon Fabric.

Size: Each Hip Scarf is 5 Feet long so you can tie the rest around your waist.

Lots of Colors Available, and Choose either Silver or Gold Coins. Belly Scarfs were recently featured in a local Fashion Show and are quickly becoming a hottest accessory for Belly Dancing and Zumba Fitness workout.

Exercise and be Healthy, Feel Sexy, and have Fun Dancing.

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Best Values

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